Violin .Roth Ernst Heinrich 4/4

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Posted by Victoria Rosa on 03-10-17
Violin .Roth Ernst Heinrich 4/4

Ernst Heinrich Roth 4/4
Violin maker

Ernst Heinrich Roth / Violin maker
(1877 - 1948)
One of the most prolific of the Markneukirchen violin workshops, the firm of Ernst Heinrich Roth produced an enormous number of consistently high-quality instruments in the 20th century. Roth, son of a violin maker, started his firm in 1902. In an effort to counter the unscrupulous labeling practices rampant in 19th century Germany, the Roth firm insisted on an unprecedented degree of transparency in representation of their instruments. The firm used at least 14 different models, many of which were faithful reproductions of classical Cremonese masterpieces by Stradivari and Guarneri. As the firm carefully

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