York-Holton BBb Frankentuba - $1400 (Tustin)

York-Holton BBb Frankentuba - $1400 (Tustin)
Los Angeles
Posted by Damodar Mohapatra on 03-02-17
York-Holton BBb Frankentuba - $1400 (Tustin)

The "Yorkton" Built by Tabor Fisher Bugle is Holton with a 19" bell. Valves 1-3 are York from an Eb Sousaphone, circa 1927. 4th valve is Grand Rapids. Mouthpiece receiver fits a Euroshank mouthpiece. The "Yorkton" is a Bb horn, mostly raw brass and has two patches as shown in the pictures. I did some dent work on it. The valves were recently re-plated. Some of the new nickel was worn when they were lapped, so they aren't perfect. This horn has an amazing sound, that of a true American tuba. Articulation is crisp and it dances in the upper register. Sadly, I have too many horns in the barn and I'm reluctant to let it go. The "Yorkton" comes with a custom top-load bag. I think it's an Alteiri. The horn is located in Tustin and I would encourage anyone interested in this horn to try it. $1400 I'll throw in a Giddings Euro Caver Lite for and additional $100. It works well with this horn. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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