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If you are tired of having dry skin and without vitality, there are treatments that help to counteract those conditions but none compares to ice beauty treatment. They are remedies that can be found without any setback in the home, so there are no excuses to catch up.
The use of ice as a skin therapy is one of the most popular modern beauty rituals and it helps to improve the appearance of the skin of the face and other parts of the body, also acting as a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Beauty experts have long used this therapy in spas and skincare treatments, thanks to its wide range of benefits.
Korean women are known for their detailed beauty rituals and the use of ice on the skin is a common technique in their beauty and care treatments.
The effects of ice on the skin
• Refresh the face
• Avoid the formation of wrinkles
• Fight acne and blemishes on the face
• Improve blood circulation and give the skin a healthier appearance.
Beauty treatment using ice
Look in the fridge for ice cubes, believe it or not they serve to give a radiant tone to the dermis. It can be done every day for just a few minutes, without much effort and without costing a penny. Ice helps prevent puffiness and tightens pores at the same time. This way, the dreaded and unsightly pimples won't appear. It also tones the skin so it will delay the appearance of wrinkles.
How to apply ice properly?
The application does not require any special effort, however some tips can help you not to do it in a harmful way since you must prevent the ice from making contact with your skin directly, you can apply it in the morning and / or night, as follows way:
1. First you must clean the face thoroughly.
2. Wrap an ice cube or two in cheesecloth or other soft cloth.
3. When the ice begins to melt it is time to apply it on the face.
4. Keep on different areas of the face for 1-2 minutes.
5. Swirl the ice gently in a circular motion. Run it along the chin and jaw line, cheeks, and along the forehead and nose. Take special care for the area under the eyes.
6. Finally, you can apply a skin tonic or a moisturizer.
Get smoother skin
The benefits of applying ice continue because they are many. One of them is to make the skin soft, especially it is ideal for people who have excess oil. And if you go outside and come back hot, those ice cubes will bring freshness. The toning virtue prepares the skin before applying makeup. It is all a beauty product, believe it or not.
Improves blood circulation
Circulation problems can end once ice is used as a treatment. It promotes normal blood flow and minimizes inflammation that can cause poor sleep. It is worth remembering that when there are irregularities with circulation, it is inevitable to suffer from varicose veins and cellulite.
Beauty treatment for dark circles
Do you have dark circles and bags under your eyes? Ice is also the solution to both problems. Prevents skin fatigue and you will no longer look older than you are. Ice cubes can be put in plastic or cloth bags, or also in eyeglasses for cosmetic purposes.
Tones the skin
It only takes a few minutes to begin to feel the freshness and relief. If it is uncomfortable to have the ice on your face for a long time, apply it every so often. The toning will be felt in a few weeks without a doubt. It can be part of your skincare routine, so doing it every day is highly recommended.
Do not forget to apply sunscreen every time you go outside, in this way dark spots are prevented. Removing makeup before going to sleep is vital and is one of the most common mistakes made by women, because they say they waste a lot of time.

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