1917 Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak - Fully Restored

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  • 1917 Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak - Fully Restored

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    Posted on : 24-09-17

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    1917 Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano | Quarter Sawn Oak - Fully Restored

    Steinway Model A3 Grand Piano #188826 | Quartersawn Oak - Fully Rebuilt - ChuppsPianos.com

    Steinway & Sons Model A3 Grand Piano is an exceedingly rare instrument and is a fine example of golden era Steinway Factory quality. Steinway Model A3 #188826 was built in 1917, during the height of what is considered to be the golden era of Steinway craftsmanship and the piano industry as a whole. This instrument features a very unique and rare Quartersawn Oak cabinet veneer that we have finished in a slightly redder, warmer tone. It is very uncommon to see Steinway grands utilizing this beautiful wood.

    The Restoration

    The quarter sawn oak cabinet has been expertly refinished in a museum quality closed pore, hand rubbed satin lacquer. This allows for optimum clarity and for the beautifully figured grain to come alive. The action has been fully rebuilt utilizing the finest custom selected parts including new German Renner wippens and select new hammers, shanks and flanges. [Renner manufactures the action parts for all Hamburg Steinway hammers.] A new custom fit solid spruce soundboard has been installed as well as a new fitted pinblock. Our expert piano technicians have finely regulated the action to make for a silky smooth and incredibly responsive playing experience. The piano responds to the lightest touch and allows for an incredible amount of expression from the artist.

    Expert tone regulation has been performed to ensure that the very best Steinway quality tone is brought out from this piano. The action is quick and controllable with a responsiveness that is capable of pleasing any concert pianist. The piano boasts the rich tone that is expected of a piano bearing the name 'Steinway.' The tonal quality is full with a strong bass and a clear ringing treble. Countless musicians and Steinway aficionados prefer vintage Steinway instruments for their exquisite craftsmanship and tonal qualities. This Model A3 is one of three very rare Oak Steinway grands that we are pleased to feature today. [This Steinway A3 and a Model B are completely rebuilt and an Oak Steinway Model C Semi-Concert Grand is currently well on its way to completion.] This is an amazing opportunity to play and select from three different sizes of Steinway instruments all of which feature incredibly eye-catching cabinets.

    For more about this piano please visit: http://www.chuppspianos.com/pianos/steinway/steinway-model-a/1917-steinway-model-a3-grand-piano-quartersawn-oak-restored/

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