Holiday Gifts for Singers! Lessons, Workshops, Warm-up CD

Los Angeles
Posted by Teri Danz on 10-12-17
Holiday Gifts for Singers! Lessons, Workshops, Warm-up CD

Have you got a singer on your holiday list? Looking for the best singer gifts ever?
Thrill them with something that is priceless - an opportunity to improve their voice and performance!

This is a true gift for any singer or artist! I've never known a singer to turn down a gift of a singing lesson, vocal workshop or Warm-up CD, especially with a Top Vocal Coach.

Gifts Available:
Lesson Packages - From a single lesson to a full month package, in-person or online (SKYPE)
Vocal Workshop - A four week class focused on live performing and recording.
Vocal Exercise Warm-up CD - "Your New Best Friend Vocal Exercise CD" has pop vocal exercises that build range, tone and vocal resonance.

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About Teri Danz:
America's vocal coach and club hit recording artist, Teri Danz was named one of the Top Vocal Coaches in Backstage Magazine. Danz was also a Backstage 2014 Reader's Choice Finalist and wrote "Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer" for Hal Leonard.
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