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1.Product Overview
Compostable serving platters are biodegradable and made from 50% PP+50% corn. Using Compostable serving platters means that more of the plant is being put to use, instead of going to waste
Compostable serving platters are biodegradable, which means they can be disposed of in the composter/food waste bin. In an ideal composting setting
Compostable serving platters is sturdier than paper, plastic, or polystyrene tableware. These other materials can not withstand the same level of heat as Compostable serving platters , and they are not as durable. Polystyrene, paper and plastic tableware leave a more negative environmental impact, as they are not biodegradable and not made from readily and rapidly renewable resources
Perfect for receptions, parties, and small fast service restaurants. Guests will be impressed with their durability and strength, and you'll love how easy it is to clean up by throwing these plates out with food waste.
2. Multi Scenario Application
3.Product Process
4.Our Exhibition
(1) Are you a manufacturer?
-Yes, we have our own factory in Zhejiang Province, China.
We have all necessary equipment and technology to handle customers' special requests. Our monthly production capacity is big enough for your OEM/ODM orders.
(2) Are samples free?
-We are pleased to provide free samples, while courier shipping costs for customers' account.
Any special requirements need to be negotiated with us.
(3) Do you offer custom packaging?
-Yes, we are able to provide custom packaging according to your requirements.
(4) What is your lead time and cost for samples?
-For existing samples, they are free of charge and we usually get them ready in 7 days.
For customized samples, the cost and sampling time will be up to the requirements.
For all the samples, we will send them freight collect. If you do not have a courier account, we can send them using our account after receiving the payment .
(5) What countries do you export to?
-USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Israel etc.Biodegradable Meal Box suppliers

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