Concert quality 63" Gu Zheng with Deluxe Hardshell Case

San Francisco
Posted by Musician's List LA on 22-09-17
Concert quality 63" Gu Zheng with Deluxe Hardshell Case

This 5 foot 3 inch long Concert Level Instrument has had one owner who took great care of it. It has a good sustain, resonance and volume and stays in tune.

There are no cracks. It comes with a wooden case.

I can take a German or French violin, viola or cello in trade for this beautiful instrument-it does not need to be in working condition.

It has 21 cloth strings, not found on entry level metal strung inexpensive versions of this old style instrument. It dates back to 500 A.D. as a 5 string instrument known as a Chin (Qin 琴), later becoming the Gu Zheng 古箏.

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It's just two lights off Hwy 17 at Hamilton Ave. exit. Exit the freeway and drive east to Bascom Ave. Turn right, and 100 feet later the third driveway is where you enter.

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