Artinger Semi Hollow Convertible 2016

Posted by Anthony Haberman on 12-11-17
Artinger Semi Hollow Convertible 2016

Selling my 2016 Artinger Convertible.  This guitar is in mint condition and comes with both a gator skin hard shell case and a certificate of authenticity. The most striking feature on a Convertible is the ability to remove the cover on the side to open the guitar up and give the sound more air and openness.  This essentially allows you to remove and insert the port wedge on the fly and have a semi hollow or chambered body guitar at the same time - it is really well done. There are a couple soft screws and magnets and it can be removed and inserted very quickly (quickly meaning in one second) and it stays in firm due to the magnets keeping it in securely. You're welcome to come try it out at my studio if you like. • 25" scale • One-Piece Mahogany neck with 2 way truss rod and dual carbon fiber reinforcements • Highly figured Quilted maple top • Mahogany bent rims and carved back • Ebony fingerboard and headplate • Convertible soundport with removable internal spoiler • 2 Electric City/Artinger Liberator pickups • 2 vol knobs and master tone, coil split • Ebony tailpiece with new flush mounted brass string retainer • Gotoh nashville bridge • Gotoh 510 mini tuners with ebony buttons • Deluxe "alligator" hard shell case

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