Lyon and Healy Style 22 Pedal Harp

Posted by Crystal Joseph on 06-11-17
Lyon and Healy Style 22 Pedal Harp

Fully restored Lyon and Healy Style 22.

All the magnificence of a Style 23 in a semi-grand size. 46 strings.

This harp has that huge rich Lyon and Healy sound and is one of the best harps I have ever heard. It would be equally effective as a solo instrument or in an orchestra.

Serial # 2705 built in 1924

Fully restored including:

-New Neck

-Base Frame repair

-completely gilded in 23 karat gold leaf

- action cleaned and reriveted,

- action plates and all brass hardware polished and lacquered

- all wood portions refinished

- new pedal caps

- pedal rods cleaned and oiled

-New strings

- new pedal and slot felts

-soundboard replaced previously

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