Newcomb Barger Classical Guitar #2 1975

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  • Newcomb Barger Classical Guitar #2 1975

    Price : $2,900.00

    Posted by : Anthony Haberman

    Posted on : 12-11-17

    Location : Boston

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    Phone : (617) 292-7788

    Newcomb Barger Classical Guitar #2 1975

    Sale!!! Newcomb Barger Classical Guitar  #2  1975 $2900  (Value $3700) Made in US Great Sound! SOUTH END STRINGS INSTRUMENT  GUITARS, VIOLINS, VIOLAS and CELLOS FOR SALE! Different Sizes! Instruments Repairs & Restorations Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitars, Basses. Excellent quality and best prices in Massachusetts for Bow Rehairing! Expert BOW REHAIRING with over 30 Years of Experience! VIOLIN & VIOLA, CELLO & DOUBLE BASE BOW REHAIRING Same day bow rehairing available by appointment only, and at no extra charge! Please call for the appointment (no text please) from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday-Saturday

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