Miraphone Silver Euphonium in B Flat

San Diego
Posted by Musician's List LA on 21-09-17
Miraphone Silver Euphonium in B Flat

Miraphone M5050 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium Silver with Tuning Trigger
Key: Bb
Bore: .610-inch to .638-inch Conical Bore
Bell: 12.20-inch
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Bell Position: Upright
Valves: Stainless Steel Piston
Number of Valves: 4
Valve Position: Traditional (3 Top + 1 Side)
System: Compensating
Features: Heavy Weight Mouthpiece Receiver; Gold Brass Lead pipe; Ergonomic Design
Case: Yes
Mouthpiece: Miraphone BT16
Mouthpiece Shank: Large

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