1969 Roelof Weertman 4/4 Cello

San Francisco
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1969 Roelof Weertman 4/4 Cello

This wonderful cello has a great harmonic sustain-one can count to 10 after bowing the last note on the A string. It has a beautiful Medium to Fine grain Spruce soundboard and Flamed Maple back and sides.

Roelof Weertman, born 1895 in Rotterdam, moved to the US in 1923. He became established in 1942, according William Henley's Universal Dictionary of Violin Makers

Upon his father's death in 1991 at the age of 95, his youngest son, Willem Weertman, had inherited his records and compiled an index of the violins, violas and cellos he made, totaling about 200.

According to Wenberg, Roelof Weertman made about 200 violins, 150 violas and 51 cellos or around 400 instruments total.

The Label Text on paper is:
Roelof Weertman
Cape Cod
July 10-1969

It retains its Original Oil Varnish, Ebony Fingerboard, End Pin and Pegs and a New set of Spirocore strings.

This wonderful Cello has a New Deluxe Aubert Bridge and an Akusticus Tailpiece mounted on it.

You'll notice when playing it that it has a very well developed tone and lots of volume, quite a bit of character.

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