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    Being compared to Mozart at such a young age would be every young prodigies dream, but for Alma Deutscher, she has a different mindset. In a 60 minutes CBS special Deutscher says "Of course, I love Mozart and I would have loved him to be my teacher. But I think I would prefer to be the first Alma than to be the second Mozart."
While being compared to the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a compliment, this young composer is breaking away from the comparison and insisting on creating a unique style all on her own. From learning how to play the piano at the age two, the violin at the age three and composing her first full-length piano sonata at the age of six, there is no question in anyone's mind that Deutscher is a virtuoso in a class of her own.
What makes Alma's talent so worthy of attention is her ability to write music. By the age of ten Deutscher composed her very first opera, a rendition of Cinderella. This remarkable opera ignited a buzz around the music world and this is what Metro Active had to say, “Her tunes are composed with remarkable scope and vision for anyone of any age, and when her melodies take a minor or augmented turn before soaring into lush, baroque modulations, Alma’s one-in-a-million talent is more than recognizable.”
It is clear to say that Deutscher has a promising career in the making and will continue to capture the ears of many to come with her skilfully composed operas and sonatas. Deutscher has amassed to so much at a young age that she will grow into one of the greatest composers of the century.